Single-Axis Rate Table Model AC1180-Air Bearing

The Series AC1180-AB Single-Axis rate table is the most precise single-axis table in the ACUTRONIC range.
The model allows testing of inertial grade Inertial Measurement Units (IMU's) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS'). The table has been optimized for rotational vibration test and high frequency characterization of inertial components.
High precision and ultra smooth rates are enhanced by the use of an air bearing.
When compared with the highest precision mechanical bearings, air bearings have the advantage of reduced wobble, low friction and no wear. Air bearings air especially useful for angular vibration simulation and where very low, smooth rates are required.
The axis is driven by a direct drive brushless motor. Brushless motors offer high torque, and since they have no wear parts the reliability is excellent. PWM drive amplifiers produce the required current to power the motors. The motion simulator offers the highest instantaneous rate stability in its class and precise, stable absolute positioning.
Slipring capsules take the signals and or power from the table base to the device under test. ACUTRONIC offers three standard slipring packages for better economy.
Simulation is enhanced by the addition of a thermal chamber. The chamber is heated by an electric element and cooling may be by expansion of liquid nitrogen (TCN) expansion of carbon dioxide (TCC) or closed circuit mechanical refrigeration (TCM)
The table is controlled by the ACUTROL®3000e digital controller. For more details, please refer to the ACUTROL®3000e datasheet.

Unit Under Test (UUT)
Payload mass
10 kg
Table Top Aluminium 400mm dia.
Hole Pattern 50mm grid x M6 threads
Flatness 0.02 to dia. 320mm
Payload envelope*
*Larger possible
300 mm dia. x 270 mm h.
Sliprings to UUT Yes, both axes

Specification Summary
Angular freedom continuous
Command resolution

0.5 arc sec RSS
0.00001 deg
< 0.5 arc sec
-over 10 deg
Command resolution
± 1'000 deg/sec

± 0.0001 deg/sec
Servo bandwidth (constant rate, no load)
Peak Acceleration (no load)
Peak Acceleration (with nominal load)

≥200 Hz -3dB
≥ 600Hz
57'000 deg/sec2
19'000 deg/sec2

± 0.5 arc sec

Temperature Chamber Option
Coolant Liquid Nitorgen (TCN), Carbon Dioxide (TCC), Closed Circuit Mechanical (TCM)
Range +100°C to -60°C
Stability ± 0.5°C
Uniformity 1°C
Rate of cooling +n°C/min; -n°C/min

+n°C/min; -n°C/min
  Ways Connectors
Wiring Typ 1A 70 lines rated 2A, 150VDC 2x37pin D-Sub
Wiring Typ 2A 45 lines rated 2A, 150VDC
+10 lines rated 5A, 150VAC
1x 50pin D-Sub
1x 15pin D-Sub
Wiring Typ 3A 45 lines rated 2A, 150VDC
+4 lines rated 20A, 400VDC
1x 50pin D-Sub
1x 5pin D-Sub (5W5)

RS422 or GPIB (IEEE488) and Real time digital interfaces; VMIC or SCRAMNet
Custom slipring & rotary joint configurations: GPS, RF or gas rotary joints. Contactless Ethernet or fiber optic
Custom performance parameters; increased dynamics - rate/acceleration
The specifications identified in this data sheet are representative of standard systems. To satisfy customer specific requirements
ACUTRONIC is able to design systems with specifications that are increased or decreased relative to standard systems.