The Series AC1180-AB Single-Axis rate table is the most precise single-axis table in the ACUTRONIC range.
The model allows testing of inertial grade Inertial Measurement Units (IMU's) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS'). The table has been optimized for rotational vibration test and high frequency characterization of inertial components.
High precision and ultra smooth rates are enhanced by the use of an air bearing.
When compared with the highest precision mechanical bearings, air bearings have the advantage of reduced wobble, low friction and no wear. Air bearings air especially useful for angular vibration simulation and where very low, smooth rates are required.
The axis is driven by a direct drive brushless motor. Brushless motors offer high torque, and since they have no wear parts the reliability is excellent. PWM drive amplifiers produce the required current to power the motors. The motion simulator offers the highest instantaneous rate stability in its class and precise, stable absolute positioning.
Slipring capsules take the signals and or power from the table base to the device under test. ACUTRONIC offers three standard slipring packages for better economy.
Simulation is enhanced by the addition of a thermal chamber. The chamber is heated by an electric element and cooling may be by expansion of liquid nitrogen (TCN) expansion of carbon dioxide (TCC) or closed circuit mechanical refrigeration (TCM)
The table is controlled by the ACUTROL®3000e digital controller. For more details, please refer to the ACUTROL®3000e datasheet.Standard systems utilize a 720-pole lnductosyn® and a two-pole resolver as position transducers. A highly precise digital rate mode is derived from the incremental position data.

System Flexibility
ACUTRONIC offer a full range of precision rate tables, motion simulation systems and matching system components. Performance can be precisely tailored to the requirements of the test or simulation task. Drive assemblies, power amplifiers, optional control features and accessories can be combined to accommodate present needs and permit future growth and flexibility.
The standard system configurations and options described in this brochure can also form building blocks for non standard system requirements.
Available options are special slipring configurations, hydraulic or pneumatic rotary joints, custom designed table tops and environmental test chambers.

Performance Specification
Two standard models are available with different torque levels. Custom speed and torque combinations are available.

Specification Summary
  Units AC-1125-100 AC1125-350
Position Accuracy sec RSS 1 1
Position Resolution deg 0.00001 0.00001
Position Transducer   Inductosyn®/ resolver Inductosyn®/ resolver
Wobble arc sec 2 2
Rate Range deg/sec +/-1'200 +/-1'200
  deg/sec 0.00001 0.00001
Rate stability
Over 360 deg
Over 10 deg
Over 1 deg
Inertia (no load)
(Aluminium 500 mm dia Table top)
kgm 2 0.5 0.5
Acceleration no load
(Aluminium 500 mm dia. table top)
deg/sec2 12'000 45'000
Bandwidth (–90 deg or-3dB) Hz 60 60
Controller   ACUTROL®3000e ACUTROL®3000e
Amplifier   In 19" Cabinet In 19" Cabinet

Series AC1125 with 500 mm dia. Table Top
Table top flatness 0.05 mm/m
Material: Aluminium, hard anodized
Large range of slipring capsules
Table tops with customer specified diameter, materials or interfacing
Real time digital interfaces; SCRAMNet+ or VMIC
Temperature Chambers with either Gas (LN2 or CO2) or mechanical refrigeration
Vacuum Chambers