GPS Production/Field Test Multi-Channel Simulator

The Spirent GSS4200 provides full navigation test capability in a production/field test environment. Designed specifically for easy ATE integration via the IEEE-488, the Spirent GSS4200 represents an attractive choice for high volume test environments.

Key Features
● 6 channels GPS L1 C/A code
Allows position fix with representative satellite dynamics and data
Single channel mode
Supplied with a range of selectable test scenarios designed to meet production test requirements
Integrates easily with production line ATE via IEEE-488, USB or RS232
Wide dynamic range with output power levels as low as –155dBm

As navigation-based GPS solutions proliferate and become more demanding, the need for a multi-channel GPS simulator in a production environment becomes increasingly important.

The Spirent GSS4200 provides easy integration with a customer's test environment via standard IEEE-488, USB or RS232 interfaces. The GSS4200 also supports synchronisation to other systems via its Trigger, Frequency Standard and 1PPS outputs/inputs.

For users needing the flexibility to switch between single channel and multi-channel test modes, the GSS4200 unit offers the functionality of Spirent's GSS6300 single channel signal generator. For assisted GPS applications, the assistance data for each scenario is provided as standard.

The GSS4200 retains Spirent's industry leading accuracy, fidelity and reliability. Run to run stability is within 0.1dB with low phase noise and high frequency stability. The GSS4200 can be calibrated in-situ, minimising down time and disruption.

For A-GPS wireless protocol conformance test applications, the GSS4200 provides an ideal GPS signal source.and quality.


● Quantisation
● Output attenuator
● Internal HDD
● Record capacity
● Playback frequency
● Power

● Frequency reference

● Antenna
31dB, 1dB steps
30 hours
12-16v DC
90-260v AC adapter supplied
Internal battery supplied
Internal OCXO for playback
External10 MHz in
Active antenna supplied